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PANTANAL WILD LIFE SAFARI: Transpantaneira + Cuiabá River (Jaguar Lodge, Araras Eco Lodge)

altThe North PAntanal Photo Safari is a huge opportunity to be acquainted with the Pantanal wild life and to capture amazing photographs. Our knowlegeable guides will take you to the most likely spots, where the animals nest, where they drink, rest, hunt, or simply play with the youngsters.

Jaguar, Panthera onca, is a big cat, a feline in the Panthera genus. Is the only Panthera found in the Americas. The jaguar is the third-largest feline after the tiger and the lion, and the largest and most powerful feline in the Western Hemisphere. This spotted cat most closely resembles the leopard physically, although it is usually larger and of sturdier build and its behavioural and habitat characteristics are closer to those of the tiger. While dense rainforest is its preferred habitat, the jaguar will range across a variety of forested and open terrain. It is strongly associated with the presence of water and is notable, along with the tiger, as a feline that enjoys swimming. The jaguar has developed an exceptionally powerful bite, even relative to the other big cats. The jaguar has featured prominently in the mythology of numerous indigenous cultures. In Brazil the tupi indian language calls these animals jaguaretê. (Wikipedia)

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Pantanal in search of the Jaguar (Jaguar Lodge and Araras) 6 Nights

Jaguar House Boat - Paraguay River Taiamã Reserve


October – the very first rains after, at least, 90 days of draught

November / December – the green returns to plain with the first rains

January – the beginning of the high waters flooding the plains and basins, reaching its peak by mid March when the rain season ends

April to June – a progressive drying out

July to September – the plain is dry again



Upon arrival at Cuiabá(CGB) Airport, reception and Safari Transfer to Poconé 111km on paved road and then on the Transpantaneira Park Road to Araras lodge. Stop for welcome drinks and continue the transfer down the Transpantaneira until the Jaguar Lodge (km 112). Check in, recognition walk, dinner and overnight.


After breakfast, a visit to Jofre Camp for a canoe tour. A place to see the riparian forest, aquatic wildlife, birds and flora of the surroundings, which is somewhat different from other spots. Lunch at the lodge. Another visit to a different area of the river looking for jaguars. Return to the lodge at the end of the afternoon. Dinner. At night, explore the surroundings. Overnight.   


Morning and afternoon outings along the river in search of jaguars and other wild life.


Last morning river safari(06:00Am to 10:00Am).Check Out and lunch at HPJ. Photo safari along the Transpantaneira back North until Araras Ecolodge, arrive late afternoon. Welcome drink and Check in, recognition walk. Dinner and night drive. Overnight.


Full day dedicated to observing the Pantanal’s flora & fauna at the Araras Eco Lodge private reserve.  After breakfast, the guide will lead you on a 2 to 3 hour horseback ride through the grazing fields, woods and food lands. Lunch at the lodge. In the afternoon, we will go on hike to a different area of the reservation, allowing you to observe and learn about this ecosystem. Overnight.


After breakfast, departure to Rio Clarinho (river) riding on the flood plain ways. At Rio Clarinho riverbank, take a canoe and explore its banks, mangroves and forest. With luck, a sight of a family of ariranhas (giant otters) will be nearby (fishing, playing and teaching the babies to swim and fish). Possibility of fishing the elusive Piranha, known for nibbling the bait off the hook without the fisherman noticing. Lambaris, another species of fresh water fish are an easy catch and are delicious when barbecued. A picnic barbecue lunch will be prepared at the camp site. Return to the lodge at the end of the afternoon. Overnight. (B, L, D)


The day begins with a very early start to see the sunrise from the top of Mirante da Garça / Heron’s Tower. Hear the sounds of the birds leaving the nests for the day and the rising sun touching the vegetation. Breakfast and departure for a hike. Lunch and transfer to Cuiabá airport enjoying, once again, the beautiful road and the opportunity for last minute photos.         (B, L, )

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Haras Bafo da Onça - Cavalo Pantaneiro
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