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Edson Endrigo

The art of photographing the birds in its natural environment is considered as a great challenge even for experienced photographers. They are animal that are moved very quickly, a lot of species inhabit places where the brightness is faulty or occupyes elevated strata of the vegetation. It is very gratifying, then, to accompany the progress and the high quality of of the work of this 31 year-old photographer from São Paulo, Edson Endrigo.

He has been photographing birds for about two years, and began this activity as a hobby, going to the field when its mineralogist activities allowed. Initially he tried to travel the parks and green areas of São Paulo, winning experience, learning on the habits of the several species and registering in the photos more than 100 species in the city of São Paulo. With a singular patience and disposition to stay inside a hut, for several hours, camouflaged among the vegetation, Edson comes up with the goods, frequently surprising us with beautiful photos.

Edson can be contacted through his email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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