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Andre von Thuronyi

Born in Rio de Janeiro on November 21, 1954. Spent his infancy in the northwest Paraná municipality of Paranavaí on a newly-opened coffee farm surrounded by exuberant Atlantic forest. His parents of Hungarian origin, refudees of World War II, here initiated him in the respect and love for the land.

In his adolescence, while attending the 2nd year of Naval College at Angra dos Reis - State of Rio de Janeiro - he had the opportunity to sail and thus explore that bay and its islands, deepening even more his enchantment with nature.

From 1973 to 77 he studied at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where he graduated an Electronics engineer. During this period, taking advantage of his fluency in German, French and English besides Portuguese and Spanish, he worked as a tourist guide in his native city.

Thanks to his everlasting curiosity and spirit of adventure he soon plunged into the Amazon Jungle, and this it did not take him long to, in 1974, extend his guiding activities to that region. This are born the first products od adventure tourism for foreigners, on the island of Marajo and along the Amazon river.

In 1976, as the Transpantaneira highway was nearing completion, André “discovers” the fascinating world of the Mato Grosso Pantanal and again establishes pioneer routes of success.

In 1978, a graduate with employment guaranteed specialization in fiber optics, he is confronted by the prospect of living in the megalopolis of São Paulo. Faced with theis reality, he takes the definite decision of transforming his thus far temporary profession as a guide into his true and permanent work. Building experience and following-up new exploits he jounds, in 1983, EXPEDITOURS expeditions and tourism operators, a pioneer of its kind in Brazilian territory.

Progressively and in cooperation with people from varions regions of the Brazilian Jungle, he creats products and builds up new bases for tourist operations. Finally in 1991, called by EMBRATUR and representing ABAV-RJ(Association Brazilian Travel Agencies) he prepares the first Brazilian nature tourist manual, with the object of producing a document to present Brazil’s ecotourism potencial to the authorities and participants at the Earth Summit Conference know as Rio-92.

This work earns EXPEDITOURS worldwide recognition of its relevant service to the protection of nature, expressed in the diploma GREEN ACTION for the Programs of Ecotouristic Itineraries and Introduction of Ecotourism in Brazil.

The firms growing success, however, removed André from nature and his spiritual journey, leading him to take, in 1994, the unexpected decision of reducing his structure and concentrating his efforts and attention on the state of Mato Grosso. This decision enable him to “return to his origins” and again approach the travelers thus re-starting the guide service and the development of new products and environmental strategies in the three biomes within this state: Amazon, Cerrado (Savanna) and Pantanal.

Presently as proprietor of an area of 2.700 hectares - 6,670 acres – inside the Mato Grosso Pantanal where Araras Eco Lodge is located – a reference in ecotourism for the Pantanal region – Park Eco Lodge on the border of Chapada dos Guimarães National Park among other participations in various projects, hi continues to dedicate himself to divulging and introducing the foundations of sustainable tourism at private and governmental levels, considering this activity an important tool in environmental and cultural preservation.

The operator Pantanal Explorer – Expeditours is proceeding with the development of new products, in the Cerrado and the Amazon forest of Mato Grosso, as well.

Tourist activities of specific interest such as bird watching among others, give this unique and tireless character the needed oxygen to carry on creating and living this life with much faith and determination.

His mind, open to new challenges, inspires new generations of guides and entrepreneurs who, like himself, believe in the power and need of love for Mother Earth, Gaia.

In the governmental sphere he makes his experience available for actions toward sustainable development in order to contribute to the general well-being.


Tatiane (operations manager), and Nelson (direct contacts) doing the best to organize a nice trip for you and un unforgettable experience.


Eva (financials purchases) to keep everything running well.

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