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altIn Mato Grosso, in the Pantanal region, there is a breed of horses whose characteristics have developed over the last four centuries towards their adaptationa and acclimatization to the complex and hostile environment in which they have developed. Called the Pantanal Horse, he is also known as MimoseanoPoconeano and Baiano, according to the region where they live.

Haras Bafo da Onça, founded in 1985, has at its core the defense and conservations of the Pantanal Horse, at time threatened with extinction.

At this time the Haras has 53 animals, of which 26 are pure breed with between 5 and 19 years old. All animals are properly registered in ABCCP - Brazilian Association of Pantanal Horse Breeders.


The Haras Bafo da Onça also provides equestrian activities, giving special attention tonatural events such as the typical regional "Prova do Laço" and "Prova do Tambor", with several champions in both tournaments.

In addition, theHaras Bafo da Onça offers tourists visiting the area of the Poconé,and in particular the Araras Eco Lodge, horseback riding through the swamp, that besides a low environmental impact, permits you to enjoy a very particular vision of the qualities of the Pantanal horse and its perfect adaptation to local climatic and environmental conditions.

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Haras Bafo da Onça - Cavalo Pantaneiro
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