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Pantanal - Spectacular wildlife (by Tam)

Just 100 km from Cuiabá, the Transpantaneira leads to one of the richest faunas on the planet: the Pantanal. The presenter Juliana Araujo hit the road to see on firsthand some of the more than a thousand species of animals that lives in this ecosystems, considered by Unesco Biosphere Reserve a World Natural Heritage. The main attractions of the region are inside the area of lodges specialized in ecotourism, such as Araras Ecolodge, where Juliana started his experience in the Pantanal nature, along with capuchin and howler monkeys. The travel became more adventurous during a canoe trip among by dozens of Caymans. More used to that atmosphere, Juliana got to laugh along with parrots and of course went on a safari in search of even more species of animals.

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Haras Bafo da Onça - Cavalo Pantaneiro

Weather in  Pocone 

High: 90°F
Low: 75°F
Sunrise  6:35 am
Sunset 7:19 pm
Wind: 6 mph
Humidity: 74 %
Visibility: 6.21 mi
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