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The Crab Eating Racoon surprise

On a hot mid-March morning we recieved the most unusual visit of a Crab eating racoon, right on our terrace. Even though, they're nocturnal solitary animals, it didn't seem to be incomodated by our closeness.
The Procryon carnivorus is being easily encountered in marshy areas like Pantanal from Costa Rica all the way down to north Argentina and Uruguay.


Their diet consists of fruits, shellfish, fish, crabs, aquatic insects, frogs, etc.
The breeding time is from July to September. Females give birth to 2-6 cubs after an estimated gestation period of 80-140 days, usually inside a hollow tree den. the young ones become independent after about 8 months.


Head and body length is 41 to 80 cm (16 to 31 in), tail length is 20 to 56 cm (8 to 22 in) and height at the shoulder is about
23 cm (9 in). Weights can range from 2 to 12 kg (4 to 26 lb), though are mostly between 5 and 7 kg (11 and 15 lb). Males are usually larger than the females.
The fur is short with brown/grey bushy tail with alterating pale and dark rings. Ears are short and rounded and they have good hearing capabilities. Small eyes provide despite the colour blindness an excellent night vision. Around the eyes they have black patches, wich gives them appearance of wearing a 'bandit's mask'.

Their life span is up to 14 years.

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